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Equus Records is located at the legendary
​Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, CA.

Sunset Gower Studios is a 14-acre television and movie studio located at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street in Hollywood. The studios were originally founded as
Columbia Pictures Studios by movie mogul Harry Cohn in 1921. The studio lot continues to this day to be one of Hollywood's largest studios, and an active facility for television and film productions on its twelve soundstages.

Including the historic shorts of "The Three Stooges",  such classics as Frank Capra’s "It Happened One Night" in 1934, 
 "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" in 1939, "Funny Girl"
"The Caine Mutiny" and many more were all filmed on the
Sunset Gower Studios lot.  Besides classic films, some of the top shows on television today are filmed here, such as "Scandal", "How to Get Away with Murder",
"Judge Judy", "Let's Make a Deal"
​as well as TV classics such as 
"The Newsroom", "Pair of Kings""Heroes""Dexter"
"Deal or No Deal", "JAG""Married... with Children"
"Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", "Blossom", "Soap",
"I Dream of Jeannie","Bewitched"
 "The Golden Girls" and many, many others currently occupy,
or have occupied, several sound stages on this historic lot.