Award Winning Songwriter/Composer

Charlie Armour

Classical, Film & TV Soundtracks

Born in London, England in 1982, and always had a passion for music. He enjoyed playing traditional instruments at school, but his interest in music composition really got started when he found out about computer music sequencing, and when he got access to a suitable machine back in the mid-1990s.

The technology has changed almost beyond recognition over the years, but his love of music has remained constant.

To understand music theory, and to learn more about the technical and professional aspects of music production, he attended University in Ealing, home of the famous Ealing Film Studios, and got a graduate qualification in Music Technology

Since then, Charlie has gone on to compose music for movies, TV and video games. He enjoys working in a variety of styles. With each new piece, he strives to remain stylistically and culturally authentic to the genre, but always tries to add his own secret formula of musical herbs and spices that makes up the trademark Charlie Armour sound.

The fact that Charlie has made it as far as he has is something of a miracle, given his battle with Leukodystrophy, a neurological disorder which (in his case) affects the use of his legs and hands - not an ideal situation for a musician, but he doesn't get distracted by little things like that.  Charlie believes that persistence is the main component of success, both in music, and in life - and it is Charlie's hope that he may be an example and encouragement to other people to ignore their own distractions, and remain persistent in their own attempts to achieve their goals.